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Recent credits


Voice Over, Narrator, Unexplained Caught On Camera, Back2back


Voice over, Narrator, The One Show, BBC1


Feature Film, Corporal Enrich, The Point Of No Return, Rick Roberts


* Feature Film, Smith, Adventure Boyz, Howard J Ford


                                                                                * Feature Film, Coyote, Clays Redemption, Carlos Boellinger

                                                                                         * Feature Film, O'Shea, 8ish, Luing Andrews

   *  Theatre, Smith, Bully Beef, Two Bit Productions

*  Theatre, Peter, SO YOU SAY, Sam Chittenden

*  Voice-Over, Corporal, Medical Officer- BOLEYN BROTHERS, TBC Audio, Simon Moorhead

*  TV Advert ITV, Dad. BRIGHTON HOUSING TRUST, Lawrence Jacomelli


*  Theatre, Marshall, TWELFTH DISCIPLE, Asif Khan/Tim Marriott

*  Feature Film, Horatio, HAMLET, Dick Douglass

*  Theatre, Ernie, TILL THE BOYS COME HOME, Jonathan Kaufman

*  Film, Knife Guest, SEVENTEENTH KIND, Andy Collier

*  Feature Film, Simon, A PERFECT PLAN , Alex Vernon

*  Film, Headmaster, FAIRY TALE , Loose Canon Films, Andy Collier

*  Commercial, Lobster Man, AMEX, Future Sun Digital, James Lane

*  Stage, Benedick, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (NOMINATED FRINGE BEST OUTDOOR SHOW), Festival Shakespeare Company, Nicholas Quirke

*  Television, Borys, BITESIZE PLAYS – BORYS THE ROTWEILLER, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS SkyArts 2, Stuart Mcdonald

*  Stage, Various Roles, ‘ASSEMBLY ROOMS’ EDINBURGH FESTIVAL , White Room Theatre, Bitesize Plays, Nick Brice

*  Musical, Barry, HERE COMES THE BRIDE (FRINGE BEST THEATRE GURU AWARD), Beside The Seaside Productions, Carole Todd

*  Stage, Various Roles, BIG BITESIZE EDINBURGH FRINGE (CAROL TAMBOR AWARD) , White Room Theatre Bitesize, Nick Brice

*  Television Cowboy, SCUMMY MAN (ARCTIC MONKEYS) CHANNEL 4, Warp Films, Paul Fraser/Diarmid Scrimshaw

*  Radio, Mick/Jim/Drunk, BLIND EYE, Radio 4 Manchester, Gary Brown

Feature Film, Thomas, Witch, Skylark Vision

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