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Film Actor & Voice-over Artist

Russell Shaw is an established British actor starring in feature films, theatre and television productions. Described as versatile, intuitive, intense and fragile, Russell brings energy, depth and passion to every project. A director’s dream, Russell is both disarming and down-to-earth. He begins every production with an open mindset, takes direction and, when required, utilises his innate improvisational skills to great effect. 


Recent roles include the part of Linden Robbins in Howard J Ford’s film ‘The Lockdown Hauntings’ and the lead in Craig Hinde and Marc Zammit’s 2024 medieval horror-fantasy,Witch’ both viewed by audiences worldwide on Amazon, Sky and Paramount. Russell is also a successful voice over artist; his distinctive baritone timbre featuring in a variety of radio, television and commercial productions.


How it started

After leaving school a chance conversation inspired Russell to look beyond the well-trodden path of a working-class tradesman to follow his passion for performing.Russell headed back to school and hit the books, securing himself a place at the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. He later completed a BA Hons in Performing Arts at De Montfort University with six distinctions despite many obstacles and challenges along the way.

Russell’s first acting role was as a loveable rogue, The Fella in ‘Madforit’ by Gregory Hersov and Marianne Elliott. Shortly after, Russell landed a role in the 2007 award-winning Arctic Monkeys music video, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’. Russell also appears in ‘Scummy Man’, a short film written and directed by Paul Fraser based on the song. He then went on to star in two much-lauded live performances for Sky Arts; ‘Borys The Rottweiler ‘a fifteen minute monologue and the small cast play ‘Sleepless Nights’.

Versatile and engaging, Russell has been cast in a variety of theatrical parts from the highly comedic to the dark and gritty, the romantic and musical. Russell spent four years with the award-winning White Room Theatre's Bite-Size Plays and was later cast in several musical theatre productions including ‘Cabaret’, ‘West Side Story’ and Carole Todd's ‘Here Comes the Bride’. In 2017 he starred in Sam Chittenden’s production of the play ‘So You Say’, an ambitious, romantic two-hander. Russell then travelled to India to join the touring company ‘Murder one’ which achieved many first-of-its-kind performances in the country.


Next came roles in Shakespeare; Nicolas Quirk’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ which was nominated for the Brighton Fringe’s ‘Best Outdoor Show’ and soon after Russell took on six parts alongside the challenges of commedia dell’arte mask in ‘Pericles, Prince of Tyr’ as a member of the Pericles Theatre Company.

Movie Roles

Over the last few years Russell has completed several film projects in a range of genres: Sci-Fi – ‘Clay’s Redemption’, family comedy – ‘Adventure Boyz’, drama – ‘Six Years Gone’, home invasion – ‘Election Night,’ thriller – ‘Escape’ and period drama – ‘Vindication Swim’.



Russell has a natural down to earth and engaging tone. He wholly embodies the character due to his acting background and has a natural ability to connect with the material. Described as a friendly, strong and versatile voice with a natural Northern baritone accent.


Working with Simon Moorhead of TBC Audio and the director of Neil Gaiman’s film ‘Mirror Mask’, Russell performed roles in five well received audio plays; ‘Day Zero’, ‘Road to Nowhere’, ‘UFO Diaries’, ‘Protect & Survive’ and ‘Boleyn Brothers’.

Other voice over work includes the Radio 4 play ‘Barred’ by B7 Media, the BBC 4 Extra audio drama ‘The Other Side of the World’ as well as narration on BBC One’s ‘The One Show’ and the television series ‘Unexplained caught on camera’ for Discovery+’ and the Really Channel.


Throughout his career Russell has been cast in a variety of successful commercials for clients including Halifax, Brighton Housing Trust, Network Rail, Toyota, American Express, Orange and Yorkshire Tea.



Role: Coyote 

Director: Carlos Boellinger

2017 | Hamlet 

2024 | WITCH

Role: Lead | William

Director: Craig Hinde & Marc Zammit 

Role: Police Officer 

Director: Elliott Hasler 

2023 | Escape

Role: Micheal 

Directors: Howard J. Ford 

Role: D.I. Buckley

Director:  Warren Dudley

2021 | Election Night 

Role: Tom Irons 

Director: Neil Monaghan 

2024 | Revenger 

Role: Gavin 

Director: Owain Paciusko 

Role: Linden Robbins 

Director: Howard J. Ford

Role: Simpson

Director: Howard J. Ford 

Role: Horatio

Director: Dick Douglass

Role: Knife Guest

Director: Andy Collier


Role: Narrator 

Director: David Notman-Watt Discovery+ & Really Channel

2019 | The One Show 

Role: Narrator 

Director: BBC

2010 | Borys The Rottweiler  

Role: Borys 

Director: Stuart Mcdonald | Sky Arts

Role: Paul

Director: Jonathan Gavin | Sky Arts

Role: Cowboy

Artists: Arctic Monkeys

Award: NME Award 2007

2006 | Scummy Man

Role: Cowboy

Directors: Paul Fraser & Diarmid Scrimshaw 


2017 | So You Say

Role: Peter 

Director: Sam Chittenden 

2008 | Pericles Prince Of Tyr  

Roles: Lyshimacus, Boult, Leonine, Master Sailor, Lord, First Messenger 

Director: Vasile Nedelcu | Pericles Theatre Company

Role: Benedick

Director: Nicholas Quirke

Award: Nominated Best Outdoor Show | Brighton Fringe

2008 |Big Bitesize 

Role: Various

Director Nick Brice

Award: Carol Tambor Award

Role: Barry

Director: Nick Brice

Role: Various

Director: Murder One


2019 | UFO Diaries  

Role: Dan

Director: Simon Moorhead | TBC Audio

Role: Corporal, Medical Officer 

Director: Simon Moorhead | TBC Audio

Award: New York Radio Award

2018 | Day Zero 

Role: Darren

Director: Simon Moorhead | TBC Audio

Roles: Darren

Director: Simon Moorhead | TBC Audio

2018 | Road To Nowhere 

Role: Vave

Director: Simon Moorhead | TBC Audio

Award: Carol Tambor Award

Radio 4

2021 | Barred

Role: Security Guard & Police Officer

Director: B7 Media

2019 | The Other Side of the World 

Role: Fred Atkinson

Director: TBC Audio

Award: New York Radio Award

2006 | Blind Eye

Role: Mick/Jim/Drunk

Director: Gary Brown 


2021| Halifax 

Role: Jogger

Director: Will Lovelace

2016 | Yorkshire Tea

Role: Simon

Director: Capataz Casting

Role: Father

Director: Brightwave

Roles: Father 

Director: Lawrence Jacomelli 

2019 | Toyota 

Role: Neil

Director: Odelay Films

2014 | American Express 

Role: Lobster Man

Director Future Sun Films

2013 | Orange 

Role: Simon

Director: Capataz Casting

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