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Voice-over artist with an earthy engaging tone.  Embodies the character due to his acting background & has a natural ability to connect with the material. Friendly & strong voice with a natural Northern baritone accent. Worked on Radio 4 plays, Amazon Prime and currently recording for The other 1% podcasts, now available on Spotify and Itunes. 


COMING SOON- http://www.tbc.audio/portfolio-item/road-to-nowhere/



Russell Shaw - Commercial Reel
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Russell Shaw - Narrative Reel
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"It goes without saying that Russ was excellent from our very first record but I just wanted to add that Russ really has given our TV series a real identity. Russ was an absolute pleasure to work with and I really couldn’t imagine the show without Russ’ dulcet northern tones over it" ... Rick Politz, Series Producer/Director

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